How to Sync Todos from Trello to WIP

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What is this?

A guide on how to automatically sync your todos from a list in Trello to a product in WIP.


Many WIP makers use Trello to manage our todos. This means for each task we want to work on in the near future, we need to record that todo twice:

  1. Create a new card in your todo list in Trello.
  2. Send a chat message to @wipbot using Telegram (with the same info as the Trello card) to create the todo for your product in WIP.

Setting up this automation will remove the need for Step 2 completely. 🙌

How does it work?

You create a Zapier “Zap” and a WIP Badge “Connection”.

Seems like a lot of moving parts…

It is. 🤷

But you set it up once and then it just works.

Also, @joelbaudin is working on a Trello integration for WIP Badge to make this easier, but until then this automation works just fine.

How long will it take to set up, and is it free?

Lets do it. 🛠️

Step 1: Create a GitHub repo.

Already have a WIP Badge connection set up? Skip to Step 3!

Sign up here for a free GitHub account if you don’t already have one.

Create a new repo (This will store your todos in between Trello and WIP).

This repo can be private if you have a paid GitHub account, but a public repo is fine if you have a free account.

  1. Name the repo anything you like. For example, “MyProductTodos

Step 2: Set up a WIP Badge connection.

Sign up here for a free WIP Badge account if you don’t already have one.

✅ Enter and save your WIP API Key in your WIP Badge settings.

✅ Follow the WIP Badge guide to add a connection from your GitHub repo to your WIP product.

The Connection will watch for any new issues in your repo and create a new todo in WIP automatically.

Step 3: Create a Zap from Trello to GitHub

Sign up here for a free Zapier account if you don’t already have one.

✅ Follow the steps to create this Zap in your Zapier account.

The Zap will watch for any new cards you add to a specific Trello list and automatically create a new issue for each one in your GitHub repo.

  1. Be sure to select New Card as the Trello Trigger and connect your Trello account.
  2. After choosing your Trello Board, click Show Advanced Options to choose a specific list (your todo list).
  3. Click Continue to test your Trello connection.
  4. Select Create Issue as the GitHub Action and connect your GitHub account.
  5. Choose your repo (MyProjectTodos)
  6. Set the Title of the Issue as the Name of the Trello card.
  7. Click Send Test to GitHub to test your GitHub connection.
  8. Click Finish and make sure your new Zap is turned ON!

Done! 🎉

Is that it?

Yep. Get back to work!

Continue making as you normally do, adding new todos to your Trello list.

In about 15 minutes, they automatically appear in your product’s todo list in WIP.

Why 15 minutes?

That’s how often Zaps will check for a trigger (i.e. new Trello card).

If you want to be able to mark todos as complete just a few minutes after creating them, I recommend using the usual /done command with @wipbot in Telegram instead.

Happy making!

If this automation saves you time and effort, feel free to show your support with a cup of coffee.

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Levi D 🤙